Power of Positive Thinking (vincent peale biography)
Norman Vincent Peale (1898–1993) popularised the
idea of positive thinking in his 1952 book.

Peale grew up with a strong inferiority complex and
was “extremely shy”. He was so lacking in confidence
that his college professor once told him: “ You
have a reasonably good mind but you are not making
adequate use of it. How long are you going to be like
this — a scared rabbit afraid of establishing its own
voice? You better change the way you think about yourself.
You better do it now before it’s too late!”

Peale later found a book by the 19th-century psychologist
William James, who wrote: “The greatest discovery
of this generation is that a human being can
alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.”
Peale went on to make himself confident by acting
confident, and talking about it. Interestingly, he owes
the success of The Power of Positive Thinking to the positive
attitude of his wife. Peale received so many rejection
slips for his book that he threw the manuscript
into the waste basket and forbade his wife from removing
it. The next day, his wife took the entire waste
basket to another publisher, who finally accepted it!
Rest is history.

 The Power of
Positive Thinking, was on the New York Times bestseller
list for 186 consecutive weeks. It sold over 20 million
copies and has been translated into more than
40 languages.