How To Quit Watching Porn in 14 Ways

February 12, 2010
How do i quit Watching porn?

Quitting porn requires discipline,courage and faith.Follow these techniques to free yourself from porn forever.
Quit it now,Don't wait to quit

Have you decided to quit Porn?Then quit it right now.Dont keep it for 
some tommorow that will never come.Your last porn watching is over,its 
past.Start now.Right now.

Build a Porn free environment

Delete your porn collection now,Burn or throw away those magazines and  DVDs.
Dont keep a single porn clip in your system.Clean it all.If  you have 
personal favorite delete them first!!

Dont count days

By counting the number of days you have stopped watching, defeats the
purpose of staying away from porn. Actually this is another away of 
thinking about porn.Subconciously you will take it as a pain
And one day you might say "i had enough",and you will find yourself  
using porn again.

Kill the Porn trigger

Many people stop watching porn for months and all of a sudden they 
start it again.Dont let your efforts get wasted like this.
Instead stop when it triggers.

To kill trigger you have  learn to stay away from the cliff edge rather than seeing how close you can get to it without falling.
Stop doing things which you have done before watching porn
Triggers differ from individual to individual. For example, seeing an
R-rated movie with an intense sex scene might trigger some former users
into thoughts about wanting to access porn, while the same sex scene
The trigger could be something as simple as driving by a beer advertisement on a billboard with busty women on it.”

External triggers include accidental

exposure to sexually explicit material and ideas, being around sexually
provocative people, and having contact with porn delivery systems
such as the Internet and cable TV. Common internal triggers include
feeling stressed, upset, lonely, angry, depressed, anxious etc.
Acknowledge how porn causes problems. Try keeping a journal and write answer to this question   “How Porn Is a Problem for Me.” writing down your answers on a piece of paper.
Keep the answers nearby, perhaps in your wallet, on your desk, in a
nightstand, or next to your computer so you can access them easily.
Reread your answers frequently, especially during times you feel the
urge to use porn and could easily forget your commitment to quit.

False belief regarding porn addiction

This is a funny one.But problem it causes is far from funny
Some of you will say "I’ll be less of a man if I don’t use porn". This 
fear can relate to false ideas about what it means to be a man that were learned in childhood, which were reinforced by porn’s messages and never altered Get over all this beliefs.

Stop negative self talk excuses

Some people find that they can assume more responsibility for quitting
porn simply by changing their mental “self-talk.When they notice
they are telling themselves things like, .
"My will power is weak or I dont have will power"
“I have to use porn,”
 “I have no control over watching porn” 
 Quickly counter the thoughtswith more positive statements, such as

“I can do anything I set my mind to,” “I know where to get the help I need,” or “I’ve made big changes the past and I can do it again.”

Kill porn thoughts

As soon as the thought crosses your mind that you are doing something
that could make you susceptible to becoming actively involved
with porn again, you need to stop.

just When you realize you are looking at something that is similar to porn, stop,and tell yourself, This is porn and I need to stop.

When thoughts of using porn go unchecked, and there is a reigniting
of a sexual desire for porn material, it is often just a matter of time
before a person moves to the next level of the Relapse Zone.

If you’re at a computer, turn it off and walk away from it. If you’re
watching television, change channels, turn it off, or get up and leave
the room. Take a walk, call a friend, listen to music, spend time in nature do whatever it takes to shift your consciousness away from porn.
Say no to porn play

Sexual images are everywhere. I can get to porn anytime
I want. I have to work much harder at staying away from it.”

Don't test yourself to see what kinds of sexual images you could still enjoy.It could  increase exposure and vulnerability to triggers 
and can result in a serious relapse before a former porn user realizes what’s happening.
Say No to teasers

There are stuffs all around you that can't be technically called 

porn,but Recovering porn users are especially vulnerable to relapse because the cultural environment in which we live is filled with sexually stimulating messages and images. It is not easy to stay away from porn for long periods of time when sexual images that can arouse the desire for porn are everywhere—in ads for beer in magazines, on 
television, in the sexually suggestive links that pop up unexpectedly 
on nonporn Web sites, and so on.

Correct your sexual habits

you may have developed sexual habits and patterns that work
with porn but don’t work in real intimate relationships.
Sexual attitudes and behaviors don’t miraculously transform once
you’ve stopped using porn. You’ll need to make an active effort to discover new ways to define sex, change the images you associate with sex,and learn new approaches to self-pleasuring and sex with a partner. 

Examining and shifting your attitudes and behaviors about sex is time well spent, because it’s much easier to remain porn-free when you have 

satisfying sexual alternatives to take the place of porn.

Convey your problem to another person

I have a problem with pornography and I want to quit.” When a porn
user first says words like these out loud to another person, he takes a
significant first step in climbing out of the porn trap. As we’ve seen 

in previous chapters, most relationships with porn thrive on isolation, 
secrecy,and denial. By talking openly and honestly with another person
about your problem you automatically weaken your connection to porn. 


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