Increase YouTube Views For Free

             A Do-It-Yourself Guide 

"Learn the secrets used by PR companies to increase YouTube views of Hollywood film companies and International record labels in few hours"   


USA Today:  "I woke up the next morning and we were up to 300,000 views and my e-mail inbox had 50 e-mails — people all over the world," says Stokes. "Somebody was translating it into Spanish."

USA Today: "The 18-year-old, who over the past month has become the most-subscribed musician ever on YouTube." 

The New York Times:  “hundreds of YouTube partners are making thousands of dollars a month.” 

Daily Mail: "For millions around the world they are household names. And millions more will never have heard of them.YouTube’s biggest stars are now so popular they are bringing in six-figure salaries from their own bedroom." 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

There are many men and women totally unknown in real offline world, earning a fortune just by promoting their videos on YouTube...


Yes, you can also learn how to be rich and famous on YouTube!

Learn the cutting edge techniques used by Internet marketers, Musicians, Actors , Comedians and Instructors to promote videos on YouTube...


    Do you want to get more YouTube views fast?


Do you want to see your video on the front page?


               Do you want to get more subscribers?



Do you want to get more comments?


          Do you want more people to Like and Rate?





Everyone who wants to promote business or themselves on YouTube must 
think about getting views first.But, sadly most video creators rely on luck.

This book will teach you:

How to get people to view your video, click your links and share them online.

How to promote videos using social media.

How to get on the front page of YouTube for maximum visibility.

How to become popular on youtube.

How to increase YouTube views fast . 

How to get more comments.

How to get more subscribers.

How to get a video go viral.



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How Get More YouTube Views In 24 Hours Or Less Ryan Hanks

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