Every year a lot of creative, funny and innovative men and women who know how to use YouTube for fun and profit are using it to perfection to earn real money. And most importantly giving themselves TV like publicity.

businessinsider.com prepared a list of famous YouTubers supposed to be earning hundreds and thousands of dollars every year.

Under the user name of communitychannel, Natalie Tran is the most subscribed to YouTube user in Australia.

Like most others on this list, she is a video blogger and occasionally uploads comedy skits

July 2009 - 2010 Views: 138,871,829

Smosh is the comedy duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, and with over 1.7 million subscribers, they make up the 5th most popular channel on YouTube.

They first shot to viral fame with their "Pokemon Theme Music Video" which became YouTube's most viewed video in Spring 2006. However, due to copyright reasons, the original video was removed from YouTube..

Greg Benson created Mediocre Films initially for a sketchy comedy TV series called "Skip TV."

The show lasted for one season, and now Benson makes low budget comedy videos for the web.

July 2009 - 2010 Views: 159,030,703

As a radio DJ, Shay Carl started making comedy skits and put them on YouTube for the

 world to see.

He claims to have held 20 different jobs before settling down with his DJ and YouTube gigs.

July 2009 - 2010 Views: 192,309,247

Lucas Cruikshank plays "a lonely six year old named Fred" who uses his mom's video camera

 and posts videos on a YouTube channel.

As the second most subscribed to YouTube channel, Lucas Cruikshank's immensely popular 

Fred character even has a movie coming out backed by Nickelodeon.

July 2009 - 2010 Views: 200,656,150

Be More Creative

If you are making same shit video, and expect people to watch it again and again, you're wrong. Think outside the box, come up with something new.


Entertain ! Entertain! Entertain!

Even if your video is weird, people will watch and share it, if it can entertain them. People love to get entertained, it doesn't matter whether you make them laugh off their asses or just drown them in their tears, you must entertain.

Make A Lot Of Videos

Just because you got only 75 views in 2 months doesn't mean you cant get more views. Just upload more videos, and never look back. Make sure you keep on improving. As you upload more videos, more subscribers you get, more views you will be getting. So persistence is the key.

Social Networks

Use social networks like twitter, Myspace and Facebook to create virality. Start with your friends first and then make new friends as you go along. If you put effort your video is bound to get popular.

Learn From The Famous

Learn from the famous YouTubers, I am not saying you should copy them. Just watch what they are doing. And repeat same mixing with your own creativity.

Don't Kill Yourself

Now if you're not getting famous in 3 months, there is no need to cry. Just keep patience. And keep working hard. Eventually you will become rich and famous.

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